Malicious Apps Can Disable Android Os Anti-Virus Software

Android developers have another challenge on their hands. Privateer Labs has reported that a certain component in Android OS can be exploited by malware to subvert the anti-virus software rendering anti-virus scans on your Android device ineffective. The malware can even corrupt the anti-virus software and use it as a malicious app. Reiley Hassell, the founder of the security firm Privateer Labs, declined to identify the Android OS component that is vulnerable, since he is taking it up with Google.

While Android mobile applications have had a stupendous growth in range and depth, it has also attracted its fair share of threats. Android overtook Symbian as the most malware-targeted mobile OS in the 2nd quarter, McAfee has reported. Riley indicated the recent security vulnerability is “definitely an Android problem”. The software from the Android development market is not checked beforehand by the marketplace and the users end up with malicious apps masquerading as genuine ones.

“App phishing” is another strategy of cyber criminals where the users are tricked into downloading and installing a genuine-looking app but that actually contains a Trojan, which alerts the developer when the user activates the app. In case of a banking app, the developer can hijack the session by posing a fake authentication screen stealing the login details, resulting in loss of personal and financial data. The Trojanized malware Zitmo also known as ZeuS acts as a legitimate banking activation application, accepts incoming SMS messages, and forwards them to a remote Web server. The onetime pass codes banks send to users via SMSes for two-factor authentication purposes can be stolen by Zitmo-like apps.

Riley opined that this is a “tough problem to solve” and further elaborated that this needs to be solved by the Android development community as a whole. Determining who is to police the sanctity of Android apps is a challenge per se. Chris Wysopal of Veracode, an application security provider, has called for scanning of Android mobile applications for malware before they appear on the market. A signature-based scanning for malware can be enforced. Google this year has already revoked malicious apps twice from the market, once in March when it removed over 50 malicious apps and then again in June it removed a 2 dozen. This high attrition can slow down the growth of Android mobile applications.

Unlike the closed development ecosystem of Apple OS, Google has followed an open architecture model, where anyone can develop an Android application and put it in the market. Local as well as offshore Android development has taken off in a big way resulting in multitude of apps that are half-baked and incomplete. Some Android users download apps from unauthorized online stores presenting a threat to the open source Android development architecture.

An Android mobile applications user can mitigate the risk of being targeted by malware by:

  • Downloading apps only from trusted sources and from developers that are known by name and are rated
  • Checking permissions that the app requests and matching it against its stated purpose

Being alert for any unusual phone behavior like installation of unknown applications, sending of SMSes to unknown recipients, or automatic placement of phone calls.

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Self Motivation In Times Of Imposed Change

There are two levels of self-motivation: firstly there is the day to day, “task level motivation” of achieving routine activities, and then there is the “big picture level motivation” that is required to get you through situations of significant imposed change that have large and perhaps dramatic impacts on your life.

Our focus here is on the self-motivation that is needed to deal with the “big picture” stuff.

I am terrified that I will lose it all…

Your company is downsizing and you are worried that this might include you…

Your organisation is restructuring, and you are facing major unwelcome changes in your working life…

You are experiencing severe financial pressure…

You run your own business and are owed a significant amount of money by a major customer or client – and you have just heard that they have gone bust…

You know what I am talking about – you may be experiencing this right now.

In all these types of stressful situations sustaining self-motivation can be extremely difficult. In my experience, the tendency is to attempt some form of action – to DO something – anything.

This is invariably accompanied with and followed by lots of thinking – the kind of thinking that we find hard to stop – the kind of thinking that keeps us awake at night – the kind of thinking that goes round and round in circles – the kind of thinking that starts to take over and dominate our minds.

Underneath all this thinking is a lot of emotion – invariably negative, anxious, fearful feelings – feelings of stress – feelings of overwhelm.

The compulsive need to “do” something

And then the urge, the need, the compulsion to “do something” arises again.

But actually there is not much if anything we can do – because there is so much uncertainty surrounding the whole situation, there are so many unknowns, and we have no way of figuring out how this thing is going to play itself out.

Then comes the painful realisation that we are not in control – that unwelcome change is being imposed upon us.

As this realisation sinks in it is usually accompanied by another round of frantic thinking accompanied by more urgent and insistent feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

How do we motivate ourselves when we do not know what to do?

Here are 4 key steps in to how allow our self-motivation to survive imposed change and for it to emerge renewed and transformed.

[1] Choosing our response to imposed change. It all comes down to these 3 simple choices:

– We can resist it, and increase our suffering

– We can adapt to it, and develop new responses

– We can accept it

[2] Dealing with our thoughts

The state and quality of your mind has a very large bearing on the quality of your experience of life, and very specifically on your capacity for managing personal change.

– We need to learn how to change the way we think so that we can maximise our capacity to think in the most constructive and positive way.

– We need to learn how to NOT think – that is to STOP thinking – and to be able to do so at will.

[3] Understanding the stages of the transition we are moving through

It is extremely helpful to realise the clearly defined stages that we will move through emotionally and psychologically as we adjust internally to the external change that is being imposed upon us.

– The letting go of “how things were” and “what was” – this really is all about practising deep acceptance

– The neutral zone (aka “The Dark Night Of The Soul”) – where nothing seems to make much sense and there is so much unknown and we just blindly feel our way forward as key internal psychological realignments take place within us – and we really need to accept the deep confusion and uncertainty that accompanies this

– The new horizon – where we develop fresh perceptions of our self – maybe a new identity, and the is accompanied by a feeling of new and increased energy, a new sense of purpose and the experience of a powerful self motivation that make the change begin to work

[4] Understanding the true nature and purpose of our struggles and suffering

Suffering and struggle are inbuilt into the way the universe runs.

However, through deep acceptance of what is being imposed upon us and by developing a quiet mind and thus allowing clarity to emerge we will – if we allow it – eventually and paradoxically find that the true nature and purpose of our struggles and suffering is constructive and transformative, it unmasks the true nature of “who we really are and why we are here” and it reveals a path to real and permanent personal change and transformation.

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Forex Trading Tip – Get a Solid Education Before You Begin Trading

Many of the Forex trading products sold online claim you don't need any experience in the Forex market to make money … Don't be deceived. They're just trying to make a quick and easy sale of their product from the gullible.

To be successful in the Forex market, you need more than the software they promise will automatically buy and sell currency contracts for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Put that hyped up Forex sales letter aside and force yourself back into reality. Do you really think making money in the markets is easy without first getting an education? If it were as easy as these Forex promoters say it is, then why haven't you heard your friends talk about it.

Did you get the job or the position you have now without any schooling or training? Why would you think it would be any different for being successful in the Forex market?

You don't need to go back to school for a finance degree, but the least you can do is pick up a good book on the basics of Forex trading. It will give you some working knowledge to at least evaluate those Forex trading products with some intelligence.

Trading the Forex isn't a game. There's money to be made but there are also risks of losing your starting capital that these Forex trading promotions hardly mention.

Educating yourself before you begin trading will likely improve your chances of minimizing your losses and making those spectacular returns.

Copyright © 2009 L Chan

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Coming Out Ahead When Losing Your Ability To Earn An Income

Nobody wants his or her income to be taken away. If we had total control over our future, like a crystal ball, we would never worry about money vaporizing one day. One in three people will lose their ability to earn an income prior to the age of 65. The fact is, we do not know what can or will happen to us. Life can change in a moments notice and your income and your future could dry up really fast. Are you prepared?

If you become too sick or hurt for an extended period of time, how long will your employer keep you on the payroll? After all of your sick days and vacation days, your employer will most likely stop paying you. It’s the facts of life and many avoid thinking about the possibilities.

If you are an owner or key executive of the business, listen up. At some point you will need to replace yourself or your salary in order to keep the business alive. The business will become a squeaky wheel until something is done. Some people are in a position to take a leave of absence from the business and still maintain revenue and income. However, many cannot and need to protect the income; business revenue.

Even some businesses, such as a manufacturer, have employees producing on the assembly line, could still have problems producing at the same level. The team of employees can only produce at the same level with the quality leadership the owner/employer has put in place. All of that will change when you (or quality management) are no longer there to make sure things are running smoothly.

It is common knowledge that illnesses do not discriminate. It can happen to you, your spouse, family members and employees of the company. Or even some injuries can be prevented, however, we are human and accidents do happen. One quick misstep and you are laid up for weeks, or even months.

Your income will dry up real fast. The savings accounts will start to drain and tapping into the retirement account could be costly on taxes and penalties. Savings and retirement accounts now become the source of income until either you go back to work or the money dries up completely.

Disability insurance is one way to protect your income. Most people take out insurance policies to protect what is important to them: Buy a car, you get insurance – 1 in 240 chance of a major accident; Buy a house, you get insurance – 1 in 1200 chance of a total loss; Buy life insurance to replace income from a lost loved one – 1 in 5 result in premature death prior to age 65. For many, their number one asset is their ability to earn a living but they never put insurance on that. With one in three chances of losing your ability to earn an income, it should be a high priority. Why do people avoid it? Simple… The fear of having no income is not great enough until it is too late. You may not have a second chance.

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This Coud Ruin Your On Line Business

You can create the coolest, best looking, most exciting online store or website ever created, and fail miserably.


Because you probably did not choose a profitable niche!

Niche selection is so important that it can literally make or break your success.

A good niche should:

Have a moderate to large audience

Have some moderate competition highlighting the fact that money

is already being made.

Have buyers who are passionate about the niche or need help

with their own personal problems

Have products that are priced high enough to be profitable and

can be promoted as an affiliate

You want to make sure there are enough people who are interested in the niche to support a good number of sales, but you don’t want the niche to be so saturated that it’s difficult to make a profit.

You want a market in which the buyers are passionate, or have a real need for the product. It’s going to be difficult to make good money selling ordinary products unless you have a very unique selling point, such as a drastically lower price, or some sort of value added selling point. You want to sell products people will be excited to buy, and that they will keep coming back for.

You want to make sure you have products that can be priced high enough to make you a good product without pricing you out of the market. You probably won’t make a lot of money selling products priced very low because you won’t be able to build a large enough market quickly enough. Of course, there are people who have made fortunes with very inexpensive products, but it takes a bigger turnover volume than a beginner could likely manage.

Finding Your Passion

It’s not enough to choose a niche that is profitable. If you choose a niche you aren’t passionate about, or one that you find you truly dislike, your business is likely to turn into a drudgery very quickly.

A good starting point for niche research is to simply make a list of your own hobbies, interests, areas of knowledge, and needs. The more you know about a particular subject the better. You do not need to be an expert but some knowledge will help give people confidence in that you know what you are talking about.

It’s possible that you won’t have any interests that would be profitable, but it’s highly unlikely. Even if you like some relatively obscure things, there will usually be at least a decent number of other people who are also interested in it.

Going Deep

Once you have found a niche you believe has a lot of potential for both profitability and passion, you should try to drill down even further to create the tightest niche possible.

For example, let’s say you’ve decided you want to concentrate on the outdoor hobby niche. This might include things like camping, backpacking, hiking, hunting, and fishing.

This is a broad niche and it would be a tremendous amount of work for just one person, or even a small team.

Instead, it’s good to focus on a single area. It could be the area you are most interested in, or the one you believe will be most profitable (as long as you’re still interested in it). But it’s important to drill down to the tightest niche you can without going so tight that it would be difficult to find an audience or source products.

For example, instead of “outdoor hobbies”, you could drill down a bit to fishing. This may still be too broad, so you could drill down to fly fishing. This is pretty good, but you might even go a little further to specialize in a specific type of fly, or maybe into fly tying supplies for people who want to tie their own flies for fishing.

Keep drilling down until you reach a point when you can no longer find enough products to source or interest in the niche. You’d be surprised just how far you can go in many niches!

Once you have found your Niche it does not stop there.

You still have some important decisions to make…

Read my next article @ to learn more.

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Who Else Wants a Summer Activity for the Whole Family With Fun in the Sun and Amazing Marine Life?

What activity am I referring to this summer? There is no other recreational activity like snorkeling or scuba diving where you can take in nature, bond with family and friends and get exercise all at the same time.

If you haven’t tried snorkeling or scuba diving you are missing the State’s best attraction. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm and some places in between are home to over 650 species of fish and coral.

Florida is the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world and Thee largest living reef in the North American hemisphere.

Which one should you try first? Snorkeling or Scuba Diving?

Good Question!

If it is your very first time I would suggest snorkeling. This article is for very first timers to snorkeling or those that learned from a friend or tried to wing it without much success.

Snorkeling is wearing a mask over your eyes and nose to see, a snorkel in your mouth to breath and fins on your feet to swim easier. You float on the surface with minimal and relaxed swimming on the surface while observing fish and coral only 6′ feet below the surface.

All this sounds wonderful but if this is your very first time to snorkel you can assure yourself of a good time by making good decisions that consider the following components:

Proper instruction from a Professional, not a friend or family member

Sufficient rest the night before

Good nutrition before you snorkel

Snorkeling within your swimming capabilities

Marine life familiarity to set your expectations without fear

Learning how to enter the water either by boat or from shore

Outfitting you in the right mask, fins and snorkel

This is just a “partial list” of factors and the reason you need a professional to guide you through the process for your ultimate safety and good time.

Just like you would never try to snow ski the first time without lessons, the same rule applies and holds true to snorkeling and scuba diving.

You are wise to seek out private lesson snorkeling instruction because of the attention to details from a professional that give you a pleasurable and positive memorable experience.

Too many times people express their hideous experience when they let their friend or relative try to teach them snorkeling. This article was written for your safety and ultimate well being.

Humor columnist Dave Barry says:

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”

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Low-Carb and Keto Diet Fast Food Menu Choices: How to Eat Successfully at Restaurants

For those who eat low-carb or keto diets, there is almost always something you can eat in every fast food place or restaurant. Plan ahead. Before entering a restaurant, check out their menu and nutrition information online at home or using your smart phone. It’s always good to know the safe options before being tempted by menu items you shouldn’t have on a low-carb diet.

In order to make it easier to find a quick keto-friendly option, I’ve compiled a list of several restaurants and fast food places and those items that I’ve found to be the lowest carb (and most emotionally satisfying) choices. These are not all perfect options, but when you’re stuck with no other choices due to time or location constraints, they’ll do in a pinch.

It’s a huge help that fast-food places are required to post nutritional content. It gets easier to follow the keto plan every day. The carb count I’m listing is approximate and is NET grams.

In general, there is usually some salad option anywhere you are. At Burger joints, just remove the bun, and many places offer lettuce wraps instead. Chicken shouldn’t have breading.

As a side note, it helps to have a knife and fork handy in your car or purse. Big, juicy burgers in tiny pieces of lettuce end up on the table – or in your lap. Small, flimsy fastfood plasticware also makes for difficult eating. Pull out your own sturdy utensils and enjoy!

Now for the food choices… here are some pretty obvious general rules to follow:

  • Skip the bun or wrap
  • Skip the pasta, potato, or rice
  • Salads – no croutons. Stick with low sugar dressing options – Caesar, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Chipotle. Look at the name which may give you a clue, things like “honey” in the honey dijon or “sweet” in the dressing name – these are usually not a good choice. Check the ingredient for items that are higher in carb content.
  • Chicken – Choose grilled or sauteed. Stay away from any chicken that is breaded.

McDonald’s – opt for any burger (zero g) or grilled chicken (2 g) without the bun and topped with cheese, mayo, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. Add a side salad (3g). The Caesar salad with grilled chicken or the bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken are 9g.

Burger King – same burger info as McDonald’s: burger (zero g) without the bun and topped with cheese, mayo, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. The tendergrill chicken sandwich without the bun is 3g. BEWARE – you might think the veggie burger is low, but it is 19g of carbs, so that’s about a full day of carbs on keto. Add a side salad (3g). The tendergrill chicken garden salad is 8g without dressing or croutons. The tendercrisp chicken salad is not an option. Do not attempt.

BONUS – dessert!?! – the fresh apple fries are not fried and are 5g net carbs WITHOUT caramel sauce.

Subway – Probably should skip Subway if you can. The buns and wraps are all high in carbs. I guess you could just have them throw the ingredients in a wrapper sans bun, but that doesn’t sound appealing. I have no info on what the carb count would be for each bunless sub, but you can probably figure it out – chicken or pepperoni is fine, but is “sweet onion” chicken okay? No idea. Stick to the salads, but realize you’ll only get iceberg lettuce (4g).

Carl’s Junior and Hardees – This chain offers “lettuce wraps” – your burger wrapped in a large piece of lettuce for easy low carb eating. (As I’ve said, I tried it and don’t love it. I like to carry my own fork instead.) Bunless options – Six dollar burger (7g), 1/2 thick-burger (5g), charbroiled chicken club sandwich (7g/10g at Hardees). Grilled chicken salad without croutons is 10g. Side salad is 3g.

Jimmy John’s – The unwich – a sandwich wrapped in lettuce – fits the bill here. Meats are fine, just make sure the ingredients are not carb-rich.

Wendy’s – Again, you can get your burger in a lettuce wrap or a box. Any burger with toppings. Mayo has corn syrup, and is 1g. The chicken grill fillet is 1 g. It can be ordered in the chicken club sandwich or the ultimate chicken grill sandwich. Best salads: chicken caesar (7g), blt chicken salad with grilled chicken. Side salads aer 6g or 2g for Caesar.

Pizza Hut and other pizza places – It is possible to get used to eating pizza with no crust. You need to eat twice as much, but if there’s a party or dinner out that you can’t avoid at a pizza place, just slide the cheesy toppings off and eat the big messy pile of cheese and toppings. A side salad is a nice addition. Otherwise, just opt for making pizza at home with a low-carb crust.

Mongolian Barbecue – YES! Load up your bowl with chicken, shrimp, onion slices, and mushrooms, then top with the Asian black bean sauce. I know beans have carbs, but this sauce label says 1 gram of carbs per ounce (each sauce is plainly labeled). Add a bit of garlic and wait for the griller to do his work. It goes without saying that you skip the appetizers, tortillas, and rice. Ask the wait staff not to bring them to the table.

Italian Restaurants – These take a little cunning, but they can be conqurerd! Ideas: how about chicken Marsala in an Italian place? Make sure it doesn’t come with pasta. Substitute broccoli or some other keto-friendly side dish – or a big salad. Chicken piccata is also a possibility.

Mexican and Chinese restaurants are the most difficult, because any low carb option is not the reason to go to the restaurant in the first place. At a Mexican restaurant, I tend to get a large burrito with no beans and spread the soft tortilla out like a plate. Eat the inner ingredients and toss the tortilla.

If you MUST go to a Chinese buffet (I attended a funeral dinner at one), you can find options, but they probably aren’t going to be your favorite General Tso’s. How about the salad bar choices? eggs? the insides of eggrolls, and I even ate the insides only of crab rangoons. Unfortunately, these ideas leave quite a pile of discarded shells and deep fried exterior pieces on your plate and makes it look like you really waste food.

Wings anywhere – Standard buffalo sauce is usually OK as well as garlic Parmesan

Convenience stores can be a good option, too! 7-11 has packs of hard boiled eggs, cheese slabs, slim jims, almonds, and pork rinds. Pork rinds come in a barbecue flavor and they’re ZERO carbs.

Remember, whatever you choose, hold the bread, potatoes, rice, noodles, fries, and tortillas. And watch out for the possibility of corn starch, bread crumbs, and other fillers. With proper planning and a good attitude, you can find healthy keto and low-carb options when dining out, and stick to your successful keto diet plan.

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Using NodeJS and JSON in Mobile App Development

An Introduction to JSON and NodeJS

For those who are new to application development, older technologies such as PHP and SQL were used to create web based applications based on databases and these were confronted by a lack of scalability, and often needed a complete redevelopment in order to expand the platform. The emergence of Javascript and associated libraries and frameworks has meant that as software applications have become more data intensive and real time updates have occurred then technologies have been developed to allow for the increase of the use of these technologies.

What is JSON

JSON is a syntax (or method) for storing and exchanging data; and the data is written as text strings with Javascript Object Notation (JSON). It is easily read and parsed through different client side and server side application interfaces and this means that it is useable across a number of different programming methodologies. JSON is a highly efficient way of storing information in a database due to its adaptability.

Why Use NodeJS with JSON?

NodeJS is used with MongoDB in order to create a web standards architecture or RESTful API; NodeJS is a lightweight framework that handles parsing of information between the client side and the server, and ReactNative can be layered on top of NodeJS in order to create the user interface. NodeJS handles a lot of queries and handles them in a very fast way, which makes its ideal for mobile application development. A RESTful application programming interface is a method for handling HTTP requests and updating databases. JSON and NodeJS are very efficient ways to handle AJAX type requests.

Type of Mobile Applications Used with React Native and Associated Technologies

Front end developers used to be limited in creating applications as they were traditionally only able to handle writing coding for the client side of the program. JSON, NodeJS and MongoDB have such ease of use and extend the knowledge of JavaScript which has traditionally been a front end development language. With the advent of the use of cloud based computing and ubiquitous internet, the legacy days of hosting large databases in local servers and having system administrators deal with all of the server languages and maintenance such as SQL, Oracle, PHP and other associated older style technologies, front end developers have taken the use of their own technologies and are now configuring applications to work with web based and cloud based remote servers. This means that small scale app development can happen faster and more easily than writing endless amounts of code and needing to understand server architecture and systems administration. Software development of the future is responsive, adaptive and dynamic, and largely mobile and cloud based. JSON and NodeJS represent huge leaps in development that will make business and commerce platforms far more efficient.

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Classical Conditioning: The Secret Behind Exercise Motivation

We all know how hard it can be sometimes to get off the couch and exercise.

Even the least creative of minds can come up with some excuse to avoid going for a run. Procrastination is a huge issue in fitness. But many people don’t realize how easy it can be to motivate yourself to go for a run.

What if you could trick your mind into thinking it actually wanted to exercise?

Using simple psychology, you can turn your mind into your very own personal trainer! For free.

Your mind used to be your biggest barrier to exercise – your body craved a run, but you talked yourself out of it. Now your mind can be your biggest motivator. How?

Classical conditioning.

Step one is to make a plan. Before you can even start to use psychological conditioning, you need to create a tangible workout schedule. Start with small, attainable goals – such as going for a run every other evening for a week.

You need to write your plan out as a list – and put it somewhere you’ll see every day. This constant reminder that you should be exercising is important to the concept of classical conditioning which we will try to implement into your exercise routine.

Next it’s time to apply the psychological phenomenon of classical conditioning.

Classical conditioning is a term given to the psychological effect of stimulus association. Perhaps you’ve heard of Pavlov’s dogs – who came to associate food with the sound of a bell, and eventually salivated merely at the bell. Classical conditioning requires a neutral stimulus to gradually become closely associated with a stimulus which causes some sort of reflex in the subject. Eventually the boundary between the stimuli will become blurred in the mind. The ultimate goal of classical conditioning is to transfer the reflex from the second stimulus to the first (previously neutral) stimulus.

So what’s the neutral stimulus in your exercise plan?

The act of going for a run.

In order to achieve effective motivation through classical conditioning, you need to find a stimulus – which already causes a reaction from you – and begin associating it with the act of exercise.

For example: your favourite song. Go cold turkey on listening to your favourite song – unless you are exercising. Make sure that you do not hear the song at any other time. Look forward to listening to it while you run!

After a while, the same feelings you get NOW when you hear your favourite song will be associated with the act of exercise.

To run will be a treat – whether or not you listen to the song.

Although the stimulus of music is ideal for this sort of conditioning – because it is easy to control, and easy to associate with physical activity – you CAN experiment with other types of stimuli as well!

Maybe you have a favourite shirt that would be appropriate to run in. Maybe you can drink your favourite energy drink on your run.

Keep in mind that stimuli which are associated with physical activity WHILE you are completing the activity are the most effective. The more intense the connection with the actual activity, the more effective the classical conditioning will be. And, ultimately, the more you will love exercising!

Finally, realize that lack of motivation to exercise is something that everyone experiences.

But now you’re one of the few who know the secret to overcoming exercise procrastination.

And you can beat this laziness!

Now get out there and go for a run!

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Choosing a Financial Advisor

Is it the stressed out, gray suit-clad financial advisors that make sense or a jeans and t-shirt, tech savvy image? To be true, buying and selling orders are not the last words in this profession. The entire attempt from a financial advisor should be to generate as much money as possible for their clients. This requires understanding the importance of a comprehensive approach in the realms of investments, insurances, budgeting, retirement planning, tax paying and funding for education or estate. It’s not possible without a person undergoing a rigorous training as a financial advisor. Therefore, here is a little lowdown on choosing a financial advisor with rock solid ideas on comprehensive financial planning.

Shop around before choosing an advisor

Comprehensive financial planning surpasses the former theory of spend tomorrow what you save today. Therefore, it is paramount that the chosen financial advisor is not stuck to this particular theory of yore. He must be able to figure out your wants today and plan accordingly to make you enjoy life and save at the same time. Finding such a financial advisor can be a tough task; hence, it is essential to run a comparison between all those whom you can access.

Prepare for your meeting

It pays to know all that’s meant by a true and comprehensive financial planning; it comprises:

  • Addressing the importance of a client’s dream financial future.
  • A maximum focus on everything that appears related to the specific goals.
  • Making available the capital if there surfaces a need.

All these lead to a tricky situation; a financial advisor needs to be selected only after he can provide a satisfactory estimate. It shall prove whether he can shape things properly.

Protecting your rights

The best interests of an investor are his/her basic right. Your dollars are not pebbles and needs maximum protection guarantee. A financial advisor with a very basic degree (e.g. NASD general securities exam) shall lag much behind a financial advisor with a clean chit in the Series 6, 7 and 63 exams. The latter are required as the minimum criteria for the regulatory requirements of the industry and one can stretch it to clear CFP (certified Financial Planner®), CFA (chartered financial analyst) and ChFC (chartered financial consultant) exams. Apart from these three, there is a fourth one that stands almost equivalent. A CPA (certified public accountant) designation, as it is called, is the best when it comes to handling the taxes. Besides, there also remain the factors called ethical requirements, mental agility to differentiate between requirements and ability to understand the subtle twists and turns of legalities to devise smooth transitions. That way, they shall also be answerable if you do not:

– Receive information regarding work history and account statements.

– Come to know about the risks, obligations and costs in prior for any investment.

– Receive satisfactory and consistent recommendations.

– Receive accurate and understandable account information and agreements.

– Get access to your funds in on a regular basis or face more restrictions or limitations than promised.

Handling your complaints

Unless a financial advisor responds in the affirmative on his clients’ grievances on the above points, it won’t be a sound decision to hire him. In case such incidences occur, complaining to FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and Securities and Exchange Commission shall be a worthwhile step.

Best advice

Though advertisements in the daily and weekly newspaper classifieds regarding finding a financial advisor are galore and so are the websites, fact remains, to find an advisor, a person should ensure the credibility of the source. is such a site that has made a large number of people find financial advisors most appropriate for their respective needs and there are enough testimonies from satisfied clients to get restored your lost peace of mind. Does that seem interesting? Well, start your search for a financial advisor at

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